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Our Story

J&J One Stop Gun Shop and range is a over 6000 square feet shooting range and gun store located at 2324 Tamiami Trail is Charlotte counties elite indoor range and gun shop. Two Partners Joe Spadafora and Joel Sheran wanted to bring a top quality gun shop and range to the area and saw a thriving need for somewhere safe to shoot. They opened Shooter’s Paradise with one goal and that is to assist the community with responsible gun ownership, safe usage and understanding of limitations.  J & J Gun Shop is truly your one stop destination for all of your shooting needs. Our gun shop/range offers a state of the art, safe and well supervised range along with quality control. In addition to offering a vast selection of firearms of all types, we also handle all of your Class III needs and government needed stamps for items like suppressors, short barrel rifles etc. You will find many products not offered at the average gun store.  We even carry a wide range of ladies accessories, secure gun safe, optics, and variety of knives. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in making the right choice whether it be in selecting a firearm for target shooting, hunting or self defense.

Our Services

“Our mission is to provide to our customers a place where they can meet all their shooting needs. We don’t just sell guns. We offer numerous services that are designed to make your shooting experience complete. At J&J One Stop Gun Shop you will find that that our helpful staff can answer 99% of your questions or concerns. We are also one of the few shops in the area that has a certified Gunsmith on site. Our team is dedicated to solving any problem related to firearms, your choice of products and also the repair of firearms. We are appreciative of your business and will prove to you time and time again that we are your ONE STOP gun shop!”

Gunsmith Service

We are the only gun shop in the area that has a resident on-site gunsmith to meet all of your gunsmithing needs. Fred Wolf has his gunsmithing shop right here in our building and many times can accommodate small fixes on the spot, or if you need extensive work, he can turn out your repaired, or enhanced firearm in a timely fashion.

Instruction and Concealed Weapon Courses

J & J is proud to offer to our customers who are new to pistol shooting, or those who want to improve their skills, a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Range Safety Officer. You can take advantage of this service by making an appointment and use our on-site state of the art shooting range. We are one of few gun shops in the area offers this service. Our concealed weapon classes cost only $69 all inclusive! They are held every week Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-2pm (sometimes ends earlier or later depending). Please call the shop at 941-979-5008 to sign up.

Youth Safety Classes

Here at J&J gun shop we take firearm education and safety seriously.  This is why we are one of the only facilities locally that offer youth training classes.  This class is great for kids ages 7&up.  Do not forget education and preventative training is the #1 way to prevent a firearm accident.  Our youth classes are held the 1st Tuesday of every month starting at 6pm until around7pm.  Class is only $18.00 and includes everything. Please call the shop at 941-979-5008 to sign up. 

Professional Consultation

The choices you make in firearms purchase are important ones and sometimes life dependent. It is necessary to take so many factors into consideration that the entire process can be daunting. Our store has industry experts level guidance to ensure that you make the right decision whether you are purchasing a firearm, seeking shooting instruction, or looking for a shooting related product. You can be sure that we will guide you to the best personal choice! Our employees are always educated in the latest industry trends and needs of clients.

State of the art Indoor Range

In addition to offering the best selection in firearms and ammunition in the area, J &J One Stop Gun Shop has a state of the art shooting range facility right in the building. Our range is a new, immaculate range with safety built in because of the range design and the fact that we always have a Range Safety Officer on site at all times that the range is in use. Please visit our forms page and learn about the rules and requirements of our Shooter’s Paradise Gun Range.
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We offer concealed carry courses that make it easy as possible to obtain your

Florida Concealed Carry Permit!

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